Immigration Law

David Acalin Law provides expert legal representation for all types of immigration law matters. We have years of experience handling deportation cases and appeals, and we have successfully represented thousands of people seeking asylum, permanent legal resident status, and U.S. Citizenship. We also prepare every type of visa to enable work for an American employer, or to establish your own business in the U.S.

Immigration Law exists within a complex system of overlapping bureaucracies that are very difficult to navigate without the proper understanding and skill. At David Acalin Law, we are expertly qualified to guide you through these complexities, and we are passionate in our approach to securing your peace of mind throughout the process.

When you come to us for an initial consultation we take the time to explain how best to handle your case, in simple, respectful terms, so you fully comprehend the issues, and can help us to help you.

We recognize that for so many across the globe, the United States offers a unique, safe haven – free from racial, religious, political, or gender-based persecution – as well as a coveted, economic starting point toward a new and better life.

Terrible, unspeakable violence has forced so many good people to flee their countries and seek asylum in the U.S.

We understand very well that these are literally matters of life and death, and that these types of cases typically include women and children, who are especially vulnerable and have no place to go.

Facing death, exploitation and persecution if returned to their country they need someone who can give them hope, and help them to remain in the U.S. That is what we do.

In fact, the more vulnerable our clients are, the greater the compassion and respect we provide.

Through our long-standing relationships with many of the staff at these government agencies, we know who to contact to make that extra effort to help solve a problem.  This network of relationships is a key to our success.

Additionally, the U.S. is the most prosperous and financially secure nation in the world, and we are genuinely excited to help someone to start a new business, or expand an existing business into the U.S. We can assist with every aspect of the visa process to ensure everything is done right, without expensive mistakes.

What we do makes a profound difference in peoples lives. Protecting your human rights, and facilitating your economic well being are as important to us as they are to you, and nothing gives me, and my associates greater professional and personal satisfaction than providing a bridge to a future with liberty and justice for all.

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